Walking Excavator boldly goes where no backhoe
has gone before - Delicately

The Walking Excavator Specializes in:

* Remote Site Development
* Steep Slope Work
* Shoreline Improvements
* Stream Rehabilitation

For difficult access and minor site disturbance, our Spider excavator canstep over 5 foot high objects, stand 5 feet deep in the water, work up and across hillsides up to 100% slope, has a 26 foot reach, can duck under objects 8 and 1/2 feet tall, has a mechanical thumb and a 12,000 lb. boom mounted winch.

Our Superhoe is so versatile, that it takes over where other backhoes stop and best of all, it is a lot kinder to the environment. This is the backhoe that can get to a difficult access site, but does not require reshaping the land or developing extensive roads to get there. It not only saves money in total development costs, but it also saves the environment with far less impact than other types of excavators.

The walking excavator is the ideal machine for accessing and renewing creek beds back to natural, repairing damaged stream beds to improve fish habitat; piling slash on steep slopes making room for re-growth and planting; and developing building sites with minimal access disturbance. If it has to be
done with a backhoe, why not do it with an excavator that impacts Alaska's plant and animal life the least?

The personnel of Stocker Construction, Inc., live and work in Alaska and enjoy Alaska for all its natural beauty. We own this piece of equipment because we think it is the right way to tread on Alaska --- delicately!

Our superhoe and buckets weigh approximately 20,000 lb.. but the machine can be disassembled into 3 sections and flown by helicopter to be reassembled fairly easily. For your special excavation needs in remote Alaska, call on Stocker Construction, Inc. and watch the walking excavator handle the difficult jobs with ease!
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